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Honda 114 Motorsports is a newcomer in the small world of the MXGP, but with high expectations.

Livia Lancelot has always been a hard worker as a rider, and she will make sure to give as much energy as Team Manager. In few months the Project was born and today there is a strong Team of Professional people to help the riders to achieve their goals.

Livia will be helped by a Chief Mechanic, Engine Mechanic, 2 Race’s Mechanics, 1 Driver, 1 Training Mechanic.

With the help of Fiat Professional, riders will be in the best conditions to go practice. And the Team will have one the best trailer in the Paddock for 2018, with an Hospitality to welcome our Riders and partners.

Livia kept some of her longs terms partners.



by Scar Racing


    by Scar Racing

The team will count on the technical Support of Honda Geico for the Engine and KYB for the suspension.

With the New 250 CRF we are sure to have a really competitive bike for this MX2 class, and we will give our best to bring this bike on the Podium as often as possible.